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We developed to serve as a resource to aid people in locating customer service and support phone numbers for companies who seem motivated to never be contacted. Our hope was that we could leverage the collaborative capabilities of the Internet to provide a forum for people to share their information, experiences, tips, tricks and helpful pointers for other people who might find themselves in the same predicament.

We are delighted to say that this site has been a rousing success and a trusted resource for countless people, many of whom have taken their time to pass along notes of thanks. This type of feedback is exactly what we like to hear, and we pass along our thanks to the many people who contribute to making contractriskmanagement the definitive resource for finding the customer service contact details that too many companies try so hard to hide.

Posted by Abhilasjha

I really appreciate this post. I've been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thank you again!

Posted by ocdogwhisperer

Thank god I found this site. I've been transferred and cut off with the other numbers that got me nowhere. The website is a joke. I just dialed the number and pressed ### and finally got my problem resolved. You rock!

Posted by Anonymous

This worked perfectly! I pressed zero as soon as I heard the prompt, and it rang thorough to an actual person! I was able to get my problem resolved with no hassles! Thank you!

Posted by Ainsley

I found this very helpful and would recommend the site. My experience was with technical support agent Ainsley who was professional, personable, and persistent.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for having this information available! I was able to call and have my problem resolved promptly. Thanks again.

Posted by Anonymous

This number worked for me!

Posted by William

I want to report that there is several in South FL maybe all over the USA that are playing a Game on you at your Customers Expense, they are Posting photos of Cars that are in Mint Condition, and putting the Price as 1,000.00, 1,200.00 or 1,800.00 or 2,000 that are worth 10,000.00, 15,000.00 or even 20,000.00 Dollars US,and rarely if ever reply, or answer any replys,like they are trying to see who can get the Most Post like a Bet or Game, the other is every time I find a Auto and by the time I get to the Bank and back and start to go Look at or Purchase the Said Auto,it is Sold, this wouldnt be any problem But I was a Used Car Dealer in WV,Run My Name and see,I never got one Violation ever,,I am seeing some of the same cars, back on Craigslist at a Higher Price or it is Dealer Owned being Listed and Sold as Private owned,or by Dealer employees,, I am Familiar with this Practice,some Dealers are buying up any and all Good Deals to have the Monopoly on the Cars and force the Buyers to Buy From them and pay the Higher Marked Up Price,Plus whats Bad is get hit with Floridas Dealer Fees also,add that up,I know it isnt your Fault,and will be harder to Prove,in WV it is a 25,000.00 Fine,and maybe lose your Dealers License too.this has bothered me for some time,so I had to report it,,and I want to Thank you for having a Good Add Bulleten like this,I am a Cancer Patient on Chemo Daily, and I am on here everyday, enjoying your Adds,and looking for a 2001 Jeep Cherokee with Low Miles,my Last Car or Jeep,Thank You again for this Site,,Wm Mullins

Posted by Maddie

Used this # to cancel my service today. The # worked -- got connected right away. Cancelling out was a snap -- no hassles and the rep couldn't have been nicer.

Posted by Anonymous

Great info from this site as well as many others. I was researching phones for a large company purchase, but based on reviews I will be moving on.

Posted by Pat

I purchased what was supposed to be a package of pork chops for around $8 and some change and it turn out to be 3 pork chops that looked beautiful on the top of the package and underneath these pork chops was some kinda of shredded fatty meat that my wife and I ended up throwing out.. I was really disappointed because I have been going to Aldi much more in the last two months and I probably spend $50 to $75 there a week. I took pictures of these so called pork chops if you would like to see them I never seen anything like this in my life.


Posted by Anonymous

Thank you, got right through on this number! Didn't see any numbers listed on their website, so appreciate this resource!

Posted by Ms. Leon

I have been using Turbo Tax for 10+ years, this is the first time they robbed me for $30 for an upgrade while I was trying to file my state taxes. I am very disappointed with their greed. I heard on the news that they were tricking people they same way in the free edition. I figured because I always had a positive experience Iâd use them this year. Needless to say they lost a long time customer, I will not be using them in the future, disgusting! No 800 number listed on the Contact Us page....I happy this site is up for times like this : )

Posted by Anonymous

Really does get you to a live person. Did not have account so I couldn't go the regular route to resolve my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Very helpful! Thank you for this number i spoke to a really nice guy!

Posted by infrasignal

Call went through fine. Spoke with a human within 2 minutes. Thank you for this site.

Posted by anonymous

I have been a long time customer dating back t AT & T, Ma Bell, Qwest - this is the Worst customer service ever with Century Link.Called 1-800-244-1111 (number on phone bill), went through the tedious info-gathering hoops, after which, the recording said: "This office is now closed" Mind you, this is at !0:05 AM PST; I called the same number twice more with the same frustrating result. Finally, a friend gave me your Contact Help number, spoke to Domenicia at NC, no help because she "cannot make the right regional connections" and suggested I call again.I re-dialed your Contact Help Number again and pressed "0", then "#', "#" "#" "#" "#" for a total of five times until I got through got thru to Gina in Boise, Idaho ;who was able to help me.Your average 2.5 star rating is way too generous; since Gina finally helped me, Cenury Link deserve a 1 only for so much time, efforts and frustrations wasted and very, very poor customer service - especially with "The office is now closed" recording.

Thank you, Contact Help!

Posted by Anonymous

Went into the Holland, Michigan store near Wal-mart. The ladies seemed nice. I asked for a certain kind of haircut. What I walked out with was a hack job. One side was 1 1/2" longer on one side. The front looked like a blunt cut bob and the back was cut short and in two layers. When did this become an a-frame hair cut. I got home and realized what she did. I cried all weekend and had to go to a high end stylist to have it fixed. I called to talk to the manager and ofcourse she was off. Never again will I ever step into another supercuts. I wouldn't even send a homeless person to them.

Posted by olorin701

I just discovered your wonderful site last week; thank you for providing such a useful and MUCH needed service. My problem: I downloaded several manuals last weekend, but nothing since about Sunday. However, when I try to download anything now I get the "10 downloads per day-check back in 24 hours" message. While this is certainly reasonable (and I'd be perfectly happy to pay for them), it's been way over 24 hours since my last download. I don't understand why this is happening. Please advise. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Service phone number and instructions (option 2) given here worked for me. I spoke with a knowledgeable BasicTalk representative who was able to fix my problem. Thank you Contact Help.

Posted by cathy lynn

Used suggestion to reach live person.. Option 2 (wait cpl seconds, 2 immediately after, wait cpl seconds and press 1. workd

Rep answered questions. Seems Spirit doesn't want to help their PAYING customers. UNACCEPTABLE

Posted by loraine

It worked! I replied to the first question, YES, then repeated
OPERATOR, OPERATOR, a number of times,
and magic! There was the operator. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

The telephone number provided was a direct number. I had searched the magazine and could not not find help. Went to their service web site and it did not have the category for what I needed. Got my problem solved in 20 seconds.

Posted by Lucy

Thank you!! This worked!!! After pressing '0' exactly 10 times I got a person right away - no waiting!! What a bunch of bs, the head games they play! Out of all the tricks posted on line of how to get an operator this is the only one that worked. Thank you. (My package is still lost though, cuz it is connected to UPS! More convolution!!)

Posted by Anonymous

Used this phone number to resolve a billing question and the representative was very helpful. She resolved my problem immediately.

Posted by Adnan

contractriskmanagement is the best thing that has happened to the general customer service. Although corporations hide their contact details as much as they can, but this website exposes them all and is really very very accurate. Kudos to the contractriskmanagement creators, you rock!!