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    • There is no way to get through to a person that I have found without either your order number or the phone number you are inquiring about.
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    • Mon-Fri: 9am-10pm
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I'm tell you this right now don't use them ever never ever ever ever. They don't do anything to help you at all.. They're been holding my payment for 2days now and I have no service waiting for them.

Posted by jay

Customer service is defiently terrible. I order and paid 20.00 for the galaxy s2 and them bastards 1sent me out the wrong phones the lg viber. was told by a rep when i called in to complain about it that she would waive the amount they had charged me for the phones and ship it free of charge. never received a confirmation saying the order was processed so when i called back the supervisor told me that the representive could not authorize such things and that couldn't authorize the refund of my money for the phones. I would defiently advise people not to use this company at all!

Posted by DeeDee

Their customer service is THE WORST I have ever encountered. Their rep's grasp of English is atrocious and inexcusable, and they can only converse from a script. If they tell you they understand what you're saying, don't believe it. Get the name of the person you talk to and note the details of EVERYTHING you discuss - you'll need it when something goes wrong, and it will. They're only available via phone for about 6 hours a day, and there is no phone number for submitting an insurance claim (surprise!). You have to submit it online which gives you no chance to explain anything. The insurance that I paid a year in advance for does not cover water damage (apparently Wirefly does not consider water to be "accidental damage", which they said they do cover), so not only do I not have a phone but they have the payment of a full year of insurance, so I can't even cancel the policy. They offer home electronic protection at $5.00/month but charged me $10/month, and basically called me a liar when I spoke to them about the discrepancy. My experience has been a nightmare. DO NOT deal with this company if you don't have to! There is an email address for "customer service" ([email protected]), but I'm still waiting for a reply to the email I sent. This company is a HUGE rip-off and wins the prize for 'most insulting customer service' ever!!

Posted by Anonymous

Wirefly is the WORST thing you could ever get into. dont waste your time trying to buy from them. their customer service reps seemed like foreign robots that hardly spoke english, and it takes them around 10 minutes to answer with a simple one line answer, the robots or people i couldn't tell the difference that you would have to live chat with seemed like they chose from a wide variety of 10 possible answers to give to you. after my horrible 5 days of trying to get my phone to ship i finally cancelled my order because of the terrible service. DONT BUY FROM WIREFLY.

Posted by Anonymous

No customer support help ever. I tried their service and chat line to no avail.if you have issues with your order, there is not help at all... i strongly suggest new buyers to boycott this site

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Wirefly customer service news

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I call the customer support and directed them to the page. They called it an error and they had no way of getting me the product for that price. I posted screen shots of it and sent them direct links to there ads. Still would not honor the websites ...

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