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Wendy's is a national hamburger restaurant chain. The corporate offices for Wendy's are located in Columbus Ohio. Wendy's offers a toll free number to their customers. For legal issues they have a unique system where you email them and they email you back their legal name and contact information.

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    • Dial extension 132032
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User Reviews

Posted by Amberlee

I WAS AT WENDY GETTING A MONZRELLA SALAD. I waited at the menu for at least a minute and a half before she said anything but I didn't mind. when I was ordering she also seems kind of rude. But yet again I didn't mind it. I get up to the window she also takes a while before she opens the window to take my car. she then open the window and she just kept saying this is so ghetto this is so ghetto. I noticed that there were two small salads that she had,and I ordered a full. she was saying this was so ghetto because they didn't have full size salad plates. she was going on and on I really thought that was rude and she was also being rude to the employee that was there. she was the manager she did not have a name tag on but she was a little heavy set and she were glasses the Wendy's location is in Galloway Ohio it's a suburb in Columbus Ohio. the wendys building is at the intersection of West Broad and Hilliard Rome

Posted by Anonymous

New River air station in Jacksonville North Carolina, The General Manager lori Morris was very rude to the employees I'm one of the customers, I see how she treated her crew members..editing there time or she said of the employees asking for break she responded the company won't believe in break so she didn't give her a break this employee was have a heart problem..how she can do that to the employee, this General Manager need to be fired..I was feeling bad I didn't even eat my food because I was watching her and listening to her..the GM is not good for this company treating bad the crew member yelling them throwing the bands or the bread in the floor while the crew picking up like a slave and she doesn't care..please NEED ATTENTION for this..

Posted by Oceanwaves8

After visiting Wendy's today at 2991 Mr . Joe white avenue in Myrtle Beach,
I will never go to another Wendy's I waited 26 minutes in drive threw then the lady was very rude when I ordered and when I finally got my order the lady shoved the bag in my face and walked off this happened at 245 pm today can't you imagine what it's like here at lunch time? I never saw so many cars leaving if I had not already been in drive threw I would have left the chicken sandwich was the worst I ever had and the fries were bad in the future train your employees better it's the customers that keep them and you in business in the future McDonald's has my business I will never visit another Wendy's and will advertise just had bad your customer service is and your food.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Bob Etu. I was visiting my daughter in Daytona Beach, Fla. While on my way there, my wife and I stopped at a Wendys between Leesburg and Daytona. while there I fell going up the steps to the soda machine. I skinned both knees and strained my back and neck. The mgr. filled out an accident report. But did not give me a copy. I'm not looking for a million dollars but would like some compensation for hurting enough to not enjoy my vacation at the condo that I rented for the weekend. This injury happened approx. 2:PM on Fri. Mar. 24th 2017 . My chiropractor says I have strained some muscles and should be OK.

I must add that the staff was very professional and assisted me . Helping me up and getting a bandaid for my knee. They showed that they really cared about my safety. The mgr. did say that they had recently remodeled and the railing by the stairs had been removed. The floor blended in with the steps which led to my stopping and falling.


My address is Robert Etu

Posted by Anonymous

I dont think you even read these comments but here goes...
March 26, 2017 at 5:45 pm pulled in to wendys on atalnta hwy in montgomery al. Ordered 2 jr. Cheeseburgers plain. And 1 single cheeseburger just catsup....the cashier at drivethrough window saod mustard and catsup..
No i said just catsup oh ok and sir do you want CHEESE ON THOSE CHEESEBURGERS ..i said of course thats why im ordering cheeseburgers because i want cheese on them
Then another person broke in and said she is asking if you want cheese on those cheeseburgers i said the first part of the word cheeseburger tells you i want cheese Otherwise I would just order a regular burger, But Sir WE NEED TO KNOW OF YOU WANT CHEESE ON YHOSE CHEESEBURGERS ...at that point I was too stunned to even know what to say
Train your people then
The stupidity meter alarm went off too loudly

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Wendy's customer service news

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DUBLIN, Ohio — Fast food giant Wendy's plans to install self-ordering kiosks in about one out of six of the burger chain's franchises nationwide by the end of this year. A typical location would get three kiosks for about $15,000, The Columbus ...

Student makes ridiculous Twitter bet for free Wendy's chicken nuggets

He likes them so much he decided to tweet US fast-food chain Wendy's asking how many retweets it would take to get free, delicious chicken nuggets for a year. The reply came: “18 million.” He confidently replied: “Consider it done.”...

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