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Verizon Wireless is the cellular subsidiary of Verizon Communications and is the largest wireless network provider in America. Verizon was originally a joint venture between American communications company Bell South and British mobile phone manufacturer Vodafone. Verizon offers customer service by toll-free phone and online form submission.

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User Reviews

Posted by prokon00

David Kalosky

Why do Verizon store representatives say one thing, to which the customer agrees, while Verizon customer service representatives say something entirely different? This difference normally results in an increased phone bill. I have come to the conclusion that the Verizon store representatives are either poorly trained or extensively well trained not to reveal all the additional costs to a customer when he or she buys or upgrades their phone or phone service plan.

We are college educated seniors with all our faculties who still understand and remember what is being told to us by your condescending and superior sounding phone customer service representatives. Also, when we have told your phone customer service representatives what we were told by other previous phone representatives, we were told that those conversations never occurred, until we give them the date, time and representative�s name. Then your representative magically finds the record of the confirming conversation.

I also feel that it would be wise for us to record, with their permission of course, our conversations with your store representatives; even though we realize your phone customer service representatives would not be bound to honor those conversations.

Thank you for letting me vent after a very frustrating series of telephone conversations with your phone customer service.

I must say that your cell phone service is second to none, but your sales and customer service leave much to be desired.

Please feel free to forward the above to those who care about Verizon customer service.

David Kalosky

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to speak with Mr. Dave Finch a regional supervisor for Verizon, regards to a sales associate at the Verizon's Store front in SouthPark Mall in Moline, IL. 61265. Mr. Finch apparently,is too busy for such matters as he had not nor will he likely return my call. The point in speaking with him was yo commend a sales associate for his expertise, customer appreciation and salesmanship. Superior best suits my commendation. His name is Mr. Brett Sutter. Simply outstanding work.

Posted by verizon

Hello.. Iam trying to reach but not able to call them.. waiting time is too much.. I tried various website like but not working fully. please help

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer of Verizon since cell phones came out. Four years ago I had my house catch on fire and had to move to a rental for reconstruction. I had to pay $10.00 for a additional line because of the rental property. I returned everything for the additional line. Verizon (I just found out) never cancelled the additional line. I have paid $480.00 extra and have been speaking with their customer service representatives for a week now. Of course they keep you on the line because each csr has to read what the prvious csr has noted. They offered me a $50.00 credit. The second csr offered me a $75.00 credit. I got an e-mail from there stating they were going to give me a $30.00 credit. This is the most ridiculous situation I have ever tried to correct. $10.00 a month for 48 months equals $480.00. Really? Larry Mullen

Posted by DrReliability

Verizon no longer answer this phone number, it will tell you to go to the web site or dial *611 with your cell phone. However, if your cell phone has problem, how is it possible for someone dialing *611 with the cell phone, I wonder?

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