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    • Twitter currently does not offer customer service over the phone. The phone number listed here allows you to contact Twitter staff at their 3-digit extension.

User Reviews

Posted by Cj Orach

Dear Twitter, I have been a member of your organization since 2012. I have gained a large following and have been very appreciative of your services. I love using twitter and am so sorry you felt it necessary to suspend my account . I understand that you have rules and everyone should adhere to those rules. When you sent me an email telling me I have broken your rules numerous times then informed me don't respond to your email as no one would look at it I was devastated. So this is the only way I can express my distress to you and give you my humble apologies. I am very sorry for breaking your rules and hope you will forgive me and unsuspend my account. Please let me know if you need any additional information or if there is anything further I can do to help resolve this issue. Again, PLEASE reconsider my suspension !!! Again my humble apologies, CJ Orach

Posted by @taiskates

Dear Twitter, Having a problem getting verified, I'm verified on Instagram & Facebook but for someone reason you won't believe I'm me! I submitted my request a few months ago & was denied. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Tai Babilonia

Posted by John F Younghanz

Trying to establish a Twitter Acct. Have tried numerous times and for some reason or reasons it's not working. Please contact me to discuss... Thanks...John F Younghanz in Kansas City, MO.

Posted by Robert A Schimke

When are you going to provide customer service over the phone. Yesterday there was a news flash that you are still losing money! No wonder, with no customer service how are you going to grow company? You cannot cost your way to grow. This is ludicrous. You go to 300 million users I nobody can talk to anybody at your company. Twitter will not grow if people cannot use it properly or if there are problems that cannot be fixed. Please give real and not fake news like Donald Trump does. Please, please, please I am begging you and thousands of other Twitter users begging you, Really begging you to do something about this!

Posted by don't have one yet

Two days ago, I tried to sign up or sign into Twitter for the first time. All was going OK until got to the phone number, when for some reason I had to go to my e-mail (something about the password, I think) When I came back, a message stated that my account had "exhibited automatic behavior" and to continue. But when I entered my 'phone number, there was nothing to verify it against. No luck getting a real person. I googled Twitter for a phone number, which advised I could reach them by e-mail. If it's on the site, I haven't found it.
If there is any charge for for this service, let me know by e-mail but DO NOT PERFORM THE SERVICE! I'd rather do without Twitter than have to pay someone to get me connected to that kind of rude and narcistic service

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