Metro PCS customer service reviews

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Posted by Yungbuc28

I lost my phone back on July 28th 2017 and didn't get a phone to August 18ty and they won't refund money and they had also made me pay 100$ for a month of service I didn't use and they over charged me when I went and bought a new phone and charged me 30$ in fees I would like to be refunded or get the minutes for the months I paid for and the day's I lost on the minutes and no one will help me I am probably going to switch phone company I have never been thru this

Posted by Anonymous

On June 19th I spoke with a rep about some changes dealing with my payments. And I asked to speak with a manger to complain about why my phone is not making calls from my device on Wi-Fi I was hung up on and blocked from speaking with a rep I am passed off right now and I will pay my bill but I am asking for a discount your manger played ass they did not hear me and then disconnected the call

Posted by Anonymous

They lost a new customer they didnt even have, I was interested in switching to them for business purposes so had some presales questions about porting and vanity numbers, and no matter what could not get to thru a rep even with the details on this site. Well if you cant answer my presales questions, I guess i pay for your services. To bad Metro, your loss not mine. . . its a shame you guys have come to this I used to have you guys on 2006 and at least i could talk to some one at that time. . SMH

Posted by Bob

That trick doesn't work anymore. You're totally screwed if you're trying to cancel & need to talk to a human.

Posted by Anonymous


I used to have a number with you and that number is connected to my gmail acount and I forgot my account so their sending me varification codes and I can't reach them. Ifor you can please send me that code

Posted by Anonymous

My phone was disconnected for 4 days and I paid off today around 7 pm and still not on

Posted by seemeonly

Someone needs to post how to talk to a live person wile on 48 hour extension or while account is suspended. None of the numbers that are suggested here work I've tried. seems to me that it should be easy to speak to someone if you need your phone turned back on. I guess metro doesnt care enough to put their reps on the phone. dumbest idea ever, besides slowing your data down to a crawl when you hit your '4g' cap...

Posted by Anonymous

How do I pay a bill for a different phone number? I can't find the info any where.

Please contact me. I'm trying to pay for my son's bill.


Posted by Anonymous

Hello.. I bougth a metropcs phone samsun galaxy core prime... is lock.. I would like to unlock... but the phone does not apear the frase permanent the app..device say call service care...can you help me please..

Posted by Anonymous

I. Bought line and phone highland Park Nj store
After I purchased phone try to use at home no line hook up
Next day I went store
Worker no idea what they doing
No result, because worker only speak Spanish language can't cominucate
Third day we went return to phone and non working line
They said they can't pay back
This store workers no idea what they doing
Don't ever go this store
You will be piss ..,
I never see the store like this unprofessional ..
They service is sucks

Posted by Anonymous

Can I get a PCS representative to help me set up a once a month automatic payment using my M.&.T Bank ATM Card?

Posted by Kelly

I am so discussed with metro, had you for years paid every payment same card, got 4 new phones 2 weeks ago...Tried to pay on the 29, said card was invalid, went to my bank nothing wrong with my card,called ur customer service that night said he report it...Been now calling customer service takes me to bill pay only,I want to know if the problems been fixed...New z phone will not even let me log into my account...All want to do is talk to a agent, someone needs to call me now, as you can see all these years I paid with my bank debit card with no issues

Posted by Akios

Just bought this phone and use it today and all of the sudden it stop working. No internet.

Posted by Anonymous

Metro is now officially become crap worthy with your bullcrap customer service line that doesn't help at all

Posted by Anonymous

I have gone to the MetroPCS Store in Dellwood to get assistance troubleshooting my phone and would like to commend Armon one his wonderful customer service with us getting our phone back online. He was extremely knowledgeable and he was very personable and had us out of there in a matter of minutes. He was extremely polite and helpful, a wonderful employee.

Posted by Anonymous

My phone wont call out or receive calls

Posted by Lisa Vieira

Why is it so hard to find help!!!! Been trying to contact Customer service and always closed or wrong number very frustrated customer thinking about switching for this reason

Posted by Kimberlee Wild

Cannot get my voice mail in english. The recording is in spanish. I never set this to spanish. Tried settings etc. Nothing works. Callers think they got the wrong number. Any suggestions?

Posted by Anonymous

I was a customer at metro pcs. I switched to cricket, not because of any problems but cricket had a great deal on an iPhone I wanted. The problem is that I paid my bill early and then I heard about cricket. I went to metro pcs inquiring as to my payment I made early and was told I couldn't get my payment back. So I paid good money for no service whatsoever. Incredible, bad business practices! I want my 30.00 back. It's like they stole my money.

Posted by Metropcs

My payments is on the first of the month,i got this straight out. I still gets texin before the first about payments.

Posted by William soban

OK i paid my bill and I still have no phone service 60 once 16 once 83 once with in a week or so time and now I have no phone service and I am not happy about it please fix this problem and I will be with you guys for a long time and I will get another company that will not be like that and want my business so please let me know what you think please and thanks

William shown

Posted by Anonymous

Yeah I'm sending you this email because I can't get no help in several months I have tried and tried to get you guys to clear my internet because it just doesn't work I pay $60 a month on time and I get some really crappy service something needs to be done about this my number you can call me or or not but I'm starting to look for another carrier I've been with you guys a long time and your service is done really lousy thank you

Posted by ftw666 the hardest company to get alive person on the phone metropcs.

Posted by upset in tucumcari

You need to send people out to update towers in rural New Mexico so people do not have to be without phone service, give it till tomorrow and then I am changing phone service

Posted by Anonymous

I have an emergency. Facebook has seized up and it says I have a virus. There is misspelling in the notice. It says I have to download an app. I suspect it's a fraud, BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT METRO PCS!!