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LG is an international electronics company based in Seoul, South Korea. LG offers such products as consumer electronics, automotive solutions, air conditioning products and home appliances. LG customer support is offered by email and online chat only.

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

We were using a lg smart phone and all of a sudden it got real hot real fast and blew up burning my grandmother's face fingers and leaving glass slivers in her face my grandmother is now scared to even use a phone I contacted lg and they sent us a new phone and I sent back the melted broke phone along with picture's of her face and a letter for them to offer compasation and it's been almost 2 months and and I haven't even herd from them at all but it's ok and yes lg, my 80 yr old grandmother is doing just fine now except being afraid of phones

Posted by Anonymous

Not able to create an email address on my device.won't let me get past my password.I've tapped next and nothing happens.

Posted by Anonymous

When My Lg Washer And Dryer Was Delivered I Never Recieved An Owners Manual For Each Unit. Washer,small Washer, Dryer. And Lowes Could Not Provide Them. Please Send These To Me By Mail.

To: Jerold Thank You.

Posted by Jamie

I have a complaint on my LG Washing Machine WT5270CW. I have had numerous error codes come up withing the last 3 -4 months, I called repair service department and did the things they told me to do.

I've gave them the error codes, this last error code was a default motor and you scheduled service, 1st was National Platinum service company, 2 days later I contacted them and they advised they had

not received a work order, I called LG Service they appoliged that they didn't send out a work order, 2 days later no service, I called LG again and was told the work order was accidental deleted

and set up new repair with A & E Service, they have been out twice, part of the diagnostic computer error was fixed, a water leak was in the bleach area, I was told this was suppose to be because of

the dispersant of bleach, it held water that hadn't happened before, 3 days later the machine was filling up with water, I called LG again, they put on the work order the machine was not filling

with water -WRONG. It would not stop filling water, the machine was turned off and it still continued to fill up with water. A & E came out this week for 2 weeks in a role, and found the inlet valve

was not working in the bleach area, I had told them on the first order it water in the part of machine, they ordered the part and told me the product had to be ordered and they would be out on

2-28-17 to replace the defected part, 3 weeks from this home visit - unacceptable, it shouldn't be that long. I called Lowe's and explained my complaint, they advised me since I had the machine

longer than 3 months they couldn't replace it, I complained they gave me Lowe's Service Advantage and I called them, explained the problem, they said they had to have a replacement authorization

from LG in order for them to pick up this defected machine and replace it with a new one, they sent a email to LG service department with all the details of my concerns and un-satisfied customer,

they denied the replacement authorization. I called Lowe's this morning and was advised LG denied this request. I call LG service department and complained and I really got upset, without any

success of guarantee of a LG product, I really got mad and started cussing, ( which I'm appologing now) they made a call to A & E Service, they stated the part was received today and they would put

me on their schedule, so that means I have to wait until next week for them to come out to replace the hose. LG said they were only in charge of repairs and they would not authorized a return /

replacement approval . This can be issued for my complaints and machine error codes that I have had since last fall (November I believe was this first call, I'm not sure) LG said their records

weren't showing dates, either way your machine doesn't work properly and I should not have to keep calling for error codes, I want this machine replaced with a new one. My year warranty will expired

5-28-17, the manual states I have a 10 year warranty on the motor, I would have to pay for the service calls. This should not have to happen on a brand new machine, you should honor your product and

satisfied the customers. I want you LG company to give AUTHORIZATION to Lowe's to allow them to pick up this bad washing machine and bring me a new one, or you can give me a refund for both my

washier and dryer and I will buy another brand, I also want a pain & suffering headache refund for all of the problems given to me my by LG. I expect you to honor my requests and stand by as a good

manufacture and for selling good products. My phone number, address, etc. will be provided to you, so you can arrange replacem

Thank You,

Jamie William

Posted by Anonymous

Im very disappointed in the lg appliances we purchased in July 2013. We have had nothing but trouble with every item that we haven't even had for four years!! Right now our dishwasher has been not working for four months because it needs a new circuit board costing over $200. The refrigerator keeps on having an issue with the ice maker fan. This has been the third time we have had to unplug it to fix the problem. The washer has also errored out a couple times were we have had to unplug it to reset it so it would work again and now the oven is not working on our stove with an error F9. I really would like a response back. I feel that I got ripped off by your company.

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