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Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food business that is mainly famous for their fried chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken officially changed their corporate name to KFC in 1991. KFC offers an online form for contacting the company as well as a readily accessible toll free number.

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

My family and had KFC customers for many years. I watched a KFC video on YOUTUBE that employees are explaining procedures with food not sold individually and placed back into the larger container to be resold the next day. Chicken that has been left out for hours to be sold to customers the next. I observed food cross contamination and was horrifying food not being sold and left out for hours to be sold the next day to customers. Can't believe KFC has institute these food procedures just to make money and customers suffer at the end

Posted by Anonymous

Every time I visit KFC I have to wait 6-10 minutes for food. I normally don't have a problem waiting. But this previous time it was 6:30 which is the dinner rush. When placing my order for hot wings I was told there was a 9 min wait. I do t understand how everything is made to order. And it's a fast food restaurant. Now wonder there is never any business at this location.

Posted by Anonymous

Why did they close KFC's in Houma,la and gray,,la

Posted by Pat

On Monday May 16th I went to the Kentucky Fried Chicken on 165 s in Monroe, LA. I WENT IN HOPING THAT I WOULD GET FRESH FOOD. But to my surprise when I made it home with my food was so dried out and old I literally could not eat it. The biscuit was so hard it crumbled in my hand.I was so disappointed, because this would have been my first meal today. I would have taken it back, but it was already late. I took of picture of all the waste after trying to salvage parts without ant luck.

Posted by Entucky fried chicken svv

I had some of the worst KFC ever it was all fat & flour it was not fit for a dog to eat & that was our dinner I just want you guys know what's being serveserve.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken customer service news

Spartanburg KFC shooting leaves one dead

SPARTANBURG — Investigators are looking for suspects in a Friday night shooting that left a man dead at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Lt. Doug Harwell said Spartanburg police officers were called to the restaurant, located at 228 Cedar Springs...

KFC Chicken Will Go Antibiotic Free at the End of 2018

KFC is aiming to stop using chicken with antibiotics in it from the end of 2018. The move is part of a growing trend within the fast food industry, with other chains including Burger King and McDonald's (mcd, +0.23%) moving away from using antibiotics ...

KFC changing chicken sandwich prep, aiming to improve taste

FILE - In this Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, file photo, a KFC sign hangs in Saugus, Mass. KFC says it wants to take a bigger bite out of the chicken sandwich market. The chain says it is switching from "freezer-to-fryer" filets in favor of filets breaded in ...

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