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JCPenny is an American retail chain of middle-discount stores headquartered in Texas. JCPenny has nearly 1,100 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. JCPennny offers support via toll free number, various social networks and a versatile online help forum.

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User Reviews

Posted by Belinda

JC Penny may as well give up the business. I feel sorry for the Penny Family considering Mr.Penny worked so hard to make his business what it was long ago. The customer service, supervisors, and the whole business is the worst than ever. When you have an issue-the supervisor/management seem not to care about you as a customer. I was so irritated after placing an order and my confirmation was sent to a co-worker with the same last name. At that moment I was furious, but at the same time realizing that mistakes are made. My only satisfaction at the time was to cancel the order and my account. When I spoke with the supervisor (Morgan)she was pretty nonchalant with her apology, which added fuel to the fire. As a customer spending my hard earned pay-expect more than what I received from her. This has always been my experience with JC Penny, and I see there has been little or no change. Nothing was asked if there was anything they could done to change my mind, or to save the account. This is why other that shop Penny's do not have accounts, and very seldom shop there for reasons I've mentioned. I had been a customer for a long time with JC Penny's, but, canceled my account due to a bad experience. I opened this account about 12 years later, approximately 4 years ago and here I am again canceling my account. This will be the last time as a customer unless there is something that would allow me to change my mind, but I doubt that knowing their business practices.

Posted by Cynthia

I visited the JCPenney fashion square mall in Saginaw Michigan at approximately 7:30 PM Monday, May 15 and what I encountered was a supervisor over those shoes area who told me that they had put prices on Nike shoes for 3750 as a future promotion but as I answered the shoe section I seen that the shoes were priced at 3750 I picked a size 7 and a size 5 boys shoe that was Nike style blue and white black white and blue very stylish as I approached the cashier counter I was notified that the price was coming up $45 so I asked them to go back to the far in order to obtain the price tag that said 3750 they came back and told me that the The 3750 was only for the smaller size shoes there was no indication on the tag itself that it was for a smaller size shoes they would not honor the price they would only tell me that it was future pricing that was posted that is extremely unacceptable and regards to false advertisement on the other side of the tag it said buy one get one 50% off if they were $50 to Mark please look at the attached pictures because it will show you exactly what I seem so all the shoes that were in that section I believe to four 3750 the supervisor was very unapproachable inappropriate and on customer service orientated I left very disturbed disconnected and also very upset with the notion that you would pre-priced items that there is no exact pricing details except for the fact that they were 3750 which were Hosell Mart at $45 apiece your shoe supervisor at that point would not honor the price that was stickered I have enclosed the attached pictures to show you my embarrassment the horrible and unacceptable customer service experience that I endured I would expect that JCPenney would train their supervisors are the level that they would understand when to price items that would be future priced and that those items were not be priced prior The actual cell being promoted therefore I will not shop at JCPenney's for any of my sons shoes whom are nine and 10 ywara old for a very long period of time in addition I will close my JCPenney account which is at a $2000 limit due to the unacceptable and her run this customer service I received on May 15, 2017 by your shoe supervisor who is very proud of the fact to tell me that she was the supervisor of the area and I had made the decision not to honor the prices that were posted!!

Posted by Kimberly Campbell Price

~I went to JCPenneys in Heath, Ohio today with my mother & granddaughter. Well I picked out 2 shirts & a pair of pants for my granddaughter & I picked out a blouse for myself. I went to use my JCPenney credit card to pay for the purchase which was $34 and she ran my card and it would not approve the order . I haven't use my card in a while and it had zero balance after being in barest in front of all the other people there the one cashier called in to see why they declined the purchase and then I was told since I hadn't use my card they close my account . First off the gym and told me that after six months with no activity they lower your balance then after a year they close your account well the last time I use my card was in July . Needless to say I wasn't very happy, if JCPenney is going to close my account they should've been considerate enough to tell me. It was so embarrassing getting declined in front of all those people when in alll reality I hadn't use the card in awhile.
~I understand now why the store isn't doing so well especially treating their customers in such a poor manner.
Kim Price~

Posted by Amala

Just went into your Plaza Bonita Sephora to pick up some new lashes and I wasn't there for more than 2 minutes with my son in his stroller and an associate asked if I need help and in the same breath basically told me to put my stuff in a basket or they'll think I'm STEALING! I hate their dirty grimy baskets and prefer to hold onto my purchases but I have NEVER been so offended and made feel like an untrustworthy criminal instead of a loyal customer! I immediately put back my lashes and left. I was speechless in her markings me feel guilty for nothing. I had my son with me for F sake! I have lost all respect for Sephora. It's difficult enough being a single mom finding time to shop for myself without being treated like criminal within 2 minutes I arrive! Whether your store is in the ghetto or you've just had someone shoplift in front of you, there is absolutely NO reason to treat loyal members so poorly! I would hope something will not only be done about this particular store but in the general attitude of all your employees. To some, buying a $200 moisturizer or a $10 pair of lashes, it can be a costly splurge and should NEVER be accused or spoken to with such disrespect and accusatory attitudes.

Posted by Anonymous

After asking for help at the store located @ Westland mall in Hialeah Florida, associate in pick up or online order pick ups told me that she don't have any other associate that could help me. I referred to her after seeing someone from electronics( fridge etc...) can help she also refuse and told me that she couldn't call her as well. Then I went to children's department to call a supervisor or mama her on duty and after almost 10 minutes no one shows up. Then I call corporate customer service where they either hang up the call or get cut offs. I tried more the once to communicate with them with not success. Managers in store that does not show or even answer their radios where grabiela and sharifa. I finally left the store with no purchase made since I could find any help with my purchase. I really would like to know if this is the way jcpenney it's doing business. No helping customer, ignoren then when they are been call for assistance. I do understand if they are busy they may take long in answering but I least answer and let somebody know when they are call. I feel so bad that I m really thinking in come back to your store once more.


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