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    • Press 2 for Hardee's
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    • Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm Central
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    • The recording will answer as "CKE Restaurants" as they are the owner of Hardee's. This is the number for the Hardee's guest response line

User Reviews

Posted by Richard

Well I'm understanding but this is trash worked Hardee's in cottondale 6 hours been waiting three weeks my lil pay from some big corporations funny cause all manger there are kids we are adults lol McDonald's gives no problem even if font work out 3 years saw everyone get paid no matter difference or what happened really need make change cottondale Fla bad business know Hardee's better this 6 hours three weeks will file complaint however adult always do right thing

Posted by Anonymous

Hardees should care more about the kind of people they hire! Bad choices cost business! I've been doing business with people for over 30 years, we do business with each other and follow each other. Right now, business has gone down the sewer at your Bear Creek location in Columbia, TN because of most of the staff and their reputation and behavior - and they're about to push your biggest moneymaker employee out the door. IF I go, there are hundreds of customers that vow to never do business with ANY Hardees again. And they wont, either. What's even worse is them saying corporate has told them to do me dirty and push me out! I'm entertaining other options,and will not continue to be intimidated and disrespected by pure evil and jealousy from some of the sorriest choices ever employed; it's bad enough now that I know something bad is going to happen because of poor choices of hire, and one of us innocent will get hurt. In my 51 years, working by choice since I was 9, and thru many careers, I've never worked anywhere for any entity that's so disgraceful and doesn't want to better, save, or improve!

Posted by Anonymous

I stopped at Hardees in pearisburg to eat sat in the parking lot to figure what i wanted to eat have ate there for 15 years the next thing i was surrounded by police the manager called police said I was videoing employee's I am not a pervert and Iwil l be taking them to court.

Posted by Snake

Bought the 5 pack of tacos
There was hardly anything on them
I have a pic of the tacos
Pretty sad
I would never ever go. Ack again
Such a rip off. I put 4tacos together just to make one.
Basically we m just eating a taco shell..
Terrible service and very disappointing very unprofessional staff
It was in Stanton Ky
Port management

Posted by Marvinhensley

I wish to say your Hardee's in Cumberland ky. Is a great example of bad customer service first of all anytime you go through drive through you are told to pull into parking lot and they will bring your order to you and they do 15 or 20 minutes later second I went there this morning to get breakfast I sat in line at least fifteen minutes when it was my time to order a guycwalks out and changes sign guessxwhat they wouldn't serve me breakfast you havine got a manage pulling everybody to side to make drive through time look good and a group of employeesc who could care less if something doesn't change they will p7t that store out of business soon you forever lost my business 5oday and I can assure you its not only me

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Hardee's customer service news

Hardee's Furniture recognized for sales performance

From left, Wayne Wathey of La-Z-Boy presents a plaque to Brandon Hardee, Ron Atkinson, Mike Hellard and Bert Daniels to honor Hardee's Furniture Warehouse for being the number one Comfort Studio dealer in Eastern North Carolina. More Stories.

Pittsfield Hardee's closes abruptly

Bill McCartney, Pittsfield economic development director, said the city was unaware that the owner of the restaurant planned to close. "I just drove by and saw them packing up," McCartney said. "We don't know the reason why they closed up." McCartney ...

Hardee's announces opening date in Newton

A new sign popping up at the future Hardee's location signals when the fast food restaurant will be open for business. A late spring 2018 opening date has been projected for Hardee's, almost two years after the franchise announced its plans to build in ...

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