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  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 2 for Hardee's
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    • Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm Central
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  • Description:
    • The recording will answer as "CKE Restaurants" as they are the owner of Hardee's. This is the number for the Hardee's guest response line

User Reviews

Posted by betty

They are very unorganized, they really dont have many people/ staff their on mondays and it gets so backed up orders get mixed up, and i never see the manager step in and help. Needs better management.

Posted by JFarris

just wanted to tell you all that the hardee's here in enterprise alabama is the best one so far I been to recently.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Vincennes IN. I stopped going to the only one we in town a month ago because the service was so slow. So I I would try it again I waited all most ten minutes again. Some one my want to take a look.

Posted by Anonymous

4/817 went to the store #150654 in Easley, sc. Ordered the biscuit and gravy combo. when I received my package there was no fork in it. I told the woman I needed a fork. She responded look in the bag it's there. I told her I had already looked and it was not there. She said then you need to look again because you can't see. I moved forward and waited for my husband who had gone in to use the bathroom . when he got in the car he informed me that they would not let him use the bathroom unless he bought something from the store. When he told them that his wife was in line in the Drive-Thru they said no she's not. They then proceeded to argue with him about using the bathroom. Said that he had to buy something first before he could use it. To begin with this is a flagrant violation of any kind of decency or cleanliness. Many people wish to wash their hands before they buy food. Other than that he has a bladder condition and if he can't use the restroom at certain times he is going to be totally embarrassed. They finally call the manager who very reluctantly let him into the bathroom. When he got in the vehicle I said see if there is a fork in your bag. He said there was not so I went inside and told her that I needed a fork that she was wrong there was not one in the bag because she did not put it there. They were very rude very condescending and acted like they really did not want to be working and certainly did not want to wait on clients. This has left such a bad taste in my mouth I don't care if I ever go into another Hardee's in my life.

Posted by Kristen

I was at you Pearson,Ga location and I am disgusted at the behavior of both the management and staff . The door handles and rails and window seals where wiped down with baby oil witch is not only disgusting to touch but also very dangerous for any elderly or disabled person I told the lady that was working the window and she says I know I just did it then proceeds to yell to the other staff including the manager that I interrupted her conversation and white people should know better that to interrupt black peoples conversations she does all this while myself and my teenage daughter are waiting to order then there are 5 team members standing at the counter during her rant while we are waiting to place our order including a manager and none of them offer to take our order then finally she come and takes our order Rudely I might add then her co worker the man that she was conversation (energy) was his name got with earlier proceeds to gawked my 15 year old daughter who was dressed appropriately for her age and says repeatedly teeter totter making her very uncomfortable and to top that I ordered number 11 big hot ham and cheese and I get the smallest one I have ever saw on a tiny bun

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Hardee's customer service news

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