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Greyhound is a ground transportation company which provides scheduled bus service to nearly 3,000 cities all over North America. A Scottish company, FirstGroup, currently owns Greyhound. Greyhound has offered bus service for over 100 years. Greyhound offers technical support only in the form of a website help section.

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    • Press 7 when recording begins
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    • Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm CT
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User Reviews

Posted by Night

Horrible service through the security of the Albuquerque, NM station. Officers, at least three through my wait at the station harrassed and either asked sexually for themselves_or made sexual comments. Basically past basic, that for visiting my mom for thanksgiving weekend, I have to go to the hospital and take viewing and sex or otherwise be given an embriotic stem cell research injection to have city sex and break ribs. I was so very afraid that at this stop guns were held by all three officers. I'm looking for places to make complaints.

Posted by Anonymous

I, an old man,live in Canton OH planned first ever to have a ride of grey hound for a tour of the city of Columbus OH sometimes towards the end of this month, Nov-2016, so, felt to know about Grey hound services from its a to z. Over customers' desk phone number I could get hold of one,named Mr. John; how wonderful his dealing,delivery and detailing!I'm highly served, updated and informed by his unique talent of salesmanship and human quality. Thousand kudos to John and sincere good wishes to his health, happiness and professional success! S.A. Samad

Posted by Anonymous

My first trip and lauggae missing...all my medication was in my bag clothes etc..i do believe an employee took it at New Orleans

Posted by SARS

I have been inquiring about a refund that happened back in March and am always told it is on its wAy I have called at least 12 times and am always told the refund is on its way but it never happens. My last attempt is to contact you through email if nothing happens I will go to the BBB and I will post negative feedback.

Posted by jp6869

Greyhound buses are clean, comfortable and well air-conditioned, and the drivers are unfailingly courteous and professional. Unfortunately, dealing with customer service is always a nightmare. Poor people (who presumably made up much of Greyhound's customer base, as most who have the means would prefer to fly, as this is speedier) who lack bank accounts and credit cards will have some trouble. The name of the passenger must be the same as the person whose card was used to buy the ticket, otherwise there will be a 20.00 "gift fee." If you make a mistake booking the ticket and need to change the date, you will have to pay a 20.00 fee. These service fees are merely a means of squeezing a few extra dollars out of poor people, the elderly and the disabled. Also, Greyhound's telephone customer service is as bad as anything I've ever experienced. I feel pity for the unfortunate CSRs, who are compelled to listen to customers complain without the ability to do anything to resolve their problems.

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