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Geico is an insurance company that sells primary auto insurance. Geico is well-known for its whimsical television commercials. Geico was originally formed to sell insurance to Federal government employees. Geico offers customer support and service by phone, email and form submission.

  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 7 when recording begins
      Select which type of policy you have
      Press 4
      Press #
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 24/7 sales, service, and claims
  • Email:
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Irma from your North Las Vegas office is not very efficient. She not only got my street address wrong but the Unit # was also incorrect. I had to drive 20 miles to pick up my insurance cards because I did not receive them in a timely manner.

Posted by Anonymous

I have no words for Geico. Every few months they increase my premium. When calling to ask why this occurs, the representative stated that the medical coverage went up in my zip code, so my premium went up "just in case I get into an accident." So it's completely warranted to charge me an extra $10 for this reason? I found this insane and let the representative know that I would search for different insurance if this is what is going to happen every two months. I've worked for an insurance company for 6 years and never have I heard this before. I will definitely be looking for different insurance.

Posted by Anon

Geico Claim#: ???. Was in an auto accident on 11/1/2015 and was not my fault. Geico was informed about the accident but since it was not my fault the claim was with Progressive the other driver insurance company. On 11/9/2015 Progressive report was "Good afternoon mr. xxx, based on our estimator and supervisor your vehicle has open damage to inner structure and inner structure and front and rear suspension. We were not able to teardown vehicle because of the 10k limits". As of now not sure why Geico is try to repair my car which has major inner front and rear structure damage. I am still waiting for Geico on date when car will be totaled or repaired.

Posted by anonymous

GEICO is the worse company ever. I've received poor service since I've had them. I got in a car accident and they want to give me a back a car that can't back up. I will b switching insurance companies asap. They don't wanna repair my car and don't wanna pay for the rental they gave me nor even contact me about what the status is of anything. Take it from me please don't get insurance with geico.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a horrible experience recently at a Geico pro shop where my friend got her car fixed. I was with her when she picked her car up. I was shocked at the way not only was her car horribly supposedly "fixed" I'm no expert but could tell parts did not match and the color was off, but honestly what was worse was the way the shop was, I saw and heard managers screaming and yelling at employees calling them names I can't even repeat and using language I wouldn't use on my worst enemy. As a Geico customer as well as my friend I'm glad I experienced this because I now know I will never bring my car to Scottsmans Autobody in Mt. Sinai NY

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