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User Reviews


They Suck Do Not Recommend Geek Squad Or Best Buy They Do Not Stand Behind The Products They Have. Our Product Is Less Then 6 Months Old, And Have Protection Plan And Can Not Get Anyone To Figure Out Our Problem

Posted by Anonymous

Van number almost killed me and my family on Merritt Parkway in Ct on February 6,2016 at 1:45 pm, exit 31. He did not stop when merging onto roadway. Was talking on phone and completely distracted,(or just a complete a..hole. Not supposed to be on the parkway anyway. Geek squad sucks and my entire family reunion will be made aware.

Posted by missconcierge

I've had geek squad since I purchased my new dell on 11/10/2015. I was sold 2 years of geek squad top service. I've called on the suad 4 times. personnel very nice,polite, useless. I spent too much time waiting for an agent to work with me and after 4 tries, none of my problems have been resolved. it has not been from lack of effort by your techs but more by lack of ability, experience .
I was spoiied by having Dell concierge for the past three years. very little wait time and almost 100% satisfaction with their techs.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Dell laptop one year ago from best buy major now needs to be repaired .I sent it to be fixed at geek squad big mistake one month later they inform me they cannot fix it.nredless to say i will not do business with the ignorant idiots anymore .

Posted by Anonymous

I have received a letter hereby notifying me that our Geek Squad Protection plan will terminate on 2-28-15 for non-payment.
I hereby notify you that I canceled my 6 nonprotected phone service I was paying for and transferred my protection service for all 6 phones with Sprint!
I am also very upset that the Tulsa Oklahoma Geek Squad department told my daughter when taking in her Galaxy S3 phone in for service to be repaired due to hard to hear on other end, she was told that the Galaxy S3 phones are obsolete and she will have to replace it with a Galaxy S5 phone and have to purchase it on installment payments! She called me, I was not happy with it but remember I was told that is what the plan was changing to and said go ahead.
few months later I replace my Galaxy S3 phone NO PROBLEM in Missouri. I then ask more questions and spoke to Stephanie in the Oklahoma store after finding out they are not obsolete and the phones are to be paid for only if you upgrade before the end of the contract! This store in Oklahoma did not have any Galaxy S3 phones on stock and had discontinued repairing phones I was told when originally inquiring on this and then Stephanie denies any of it!
Numerous times before when I had called for repair service, I was told we did not have protection but yet my account was being automatically debited for all 6 phones. I would be transferred to India to people that didn't speak good English, I then called the store in Missouri of United States and requested to not be transferred again and they look up my information. I was then told that we didn't have protection service after purchasing new phones with Sprint, but yet my account was being debited each month for them!!?? Then I was told they were listed under different account # than what originally first come up and I was given those # and I wrote them down and would have to give these # each time I called to clarify I did have the protection plan!
Oh and the GS5 phone did the same thing (not being able to hear very well on the other end) but did not realize this until months later when several people finally started telling her this. It was then pass 30 days and as Stephani rudely claimed she could not replace unless I put a $250 hold on my account to have a new one sent to us! I did and changed my protection service with Sprint and am still paying for this 2x upgraded phone with a now $200 deductible fee on it!
AGAIN We are THROUGH with you!

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