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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I was on your restaurant today at Pavilions at San Mateo in Albuquerque New Mexico. There was a shopping cart out side by the tables. It was about 3:00. My mother and I wanted to eat but use the restroom first. Your employee said oh you might want to use the men's restroom because there is a homeless woman in there and she will be awhile. I said well that's not right I am a paying customer he said well if we don't let her use it then she will do something out back which I didn't understand. I took that to mean she comes in there a lot. So my mom used the men's restroom and then I went in there it was so dirty I couldn't believe it! The walls around the restaurant are dirty there was dirt running down the glass doors when you enter. The food was good but I can't believe you're management is letting that store go downhill, I will never go to any of your restaurants ever again and word does get around. The homeless girl went back outside and was asking customers going in for food and money. And please do not send me anything free because like I said never again will I go to your restaurants.

Posted by Anonymous

Several people at my office like Einstein's food. However, the service at the local store is so poor that today we actually walked out and went to Applebee's. Customer's are rarely acknowledged quickly; help is always doing something and rather than immediately acknowledging the customer and saying "we'll be with you shortly" - or anything! - they just keep working. My daughter manages a Domino's store for a large local franchise and if she managed her store this way, she would be fired.


Posted by Anonymous

Every time....and I mean EVERY time I go through the drive through of your location on 1431 in Cedar Park,TX....they are out of what I order. The most annoying thing about it is that they don't tell me until I'm at the window to pay. They don't show me a menu (since I've passed the menu board already, either). They simply suggest an alternative, which, when I agree to it....they're out of that, too! What kind of way is this to run a business?!

Posted by Anonymous

So frustrated! Went to the Desert Ridge location on North Tatum Blvd. in Phoenix, Az for the second time to have them out of all non sweet bagels by 1:00. I asked for sesame - out, then plain - out, then onion - out. They said the only thing non sweet was a garlic bagel. This always happens at this location. Guess it's odd to Brueggers for me!

Posted by Keke on Conn Ave Bethesda/ Chevy

Keke was great. I arrived at closing time. Though she had closed the cash register for the day, she opened just to sell me a bagel. Store on Conn Ave Bethesda/Chevy Chase

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