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DIRECTV is a satellite television service provider from the United States. DIRECTV programming is available on some commercial airline flights. DIRECTV is wholly owned by AT&T. DIRECTV provides customer service 24 hours a day by a toll-free number.

  • How to reach a live person:
    • Speak "Yes" when prompted

      Speak "Operator" continuously until transferred. I had to say it about 5 times :)
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    • You must already be a customer or have ordered service to use this number.

      You might also want to call their home office at: 1-310-535-5000, which is located in El Segundo, Ca. 90245

User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I have called two times and been on hold at least 10 minutes each time spoke with someone asking to have my NFL Sunday ticket canceled. They told me they needed to transfer me to customer service and proceeded to hang up on me both times. I want to cancel my Sunday ticket please cancel my Sunday ticket if you have any questions you can email me. Do not call me.


I am a new unhappy Directv customer. Prior to 1/2/2017, I had Uverse (cable and wifi). I was convinced 12/29/2016 by ââ?¬Å?Directv Sales Representativesââ?¬Â? at Walmart about an amazing deal; I will get a $200 Walmart gift card for switching to Directv. After three times of listening to the sales pitch I agreed. I had to get on the phone at the point of sale and was charged 19.95 (bill statement states: at the point of sale for the hd receiver and promised a $100 Visa gift card to reimburse the 108.16 ( I did receive the $100 Visa gift card, thank you).

Then on 1/2/2017, installation happened. I spoke with customer service to cancel Uverse (Uverse was not cancelled when requested). Then my wifi was suspended on 2/9/16 and also found out my uverse was never cancelled when I had made the request.

I chatted with customer service on

During this chat, I was told someone would call me within 10 minutes to take off the 49.00 restoration fee, I NEVER got a call and it is still there.

I was told and persuaded about a deal for wifi $60 a month and would combine with my $60 a month Directv, if I received a tablet for $1.08. I stated I did not need another tablet, but had to pay 1.08 for the tablet in order to get the $60 a month wifi. I finally agreed upon being PROMISED ONE MORE TIME: my bills will be combined and I will only have monthly charges of $60 for wifi and $60 for Directv plus tax. These were false promises.

I have to log into two websites: one website I have a 31.27 balance that is due AND I am getting charged $10 a month for the tablet I was promised would not have any charges, please refer to the chat record below, never stated a $10 month charge. AND the second website states I have 172.98 balance that is due. I need this fixed and explained in writing.

Now for the initial promise of the $200 walmart gift card, I have never received. I am eligible for this because:

1. I ordered Directv services within the stated timeframe with a 24 month Directv agreement, through Wal-Mart.

2. I had Directv system installed within 30 days of placing my order, and

3. I completed, signed, and mailed in the requested form before the deadline date.

I called 800-508-1232 it stated you received the request on 1/9/17 (this is the 100.00 visa gift card, I was promised to reimburse me for the 108.16 and I DID received this, thank you). You received a request on 1/14/17 (200.00 Wal-Mart card) to this day (4/13/17)it is still process.

Somehow on March 20 2017 I was able to talk to a person and she said she would send the request for the 200.00 Wal-Mart card to their office and they would call me within 24 hours (I NEVER REC A CALL). And now 800-508-1232 is stating you received the request on 3/21/17 and of course it is still processing. I was given the 800-531-5000 number to call regarding the 200.00 Wal-Mart gift card and they said they had no idea what I was talking about and there is nothing in the system about a Wal-Mart gift card.

I want a status update and answers in writing.

I was really hoping and expecting great things with ATT. I am in the process of switching my cell phone service (3 phones) to another carrier. I have been with the same carrier since 2003.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service used to be great, until AT & T bought them . Now, welcome to Comcast Lite !!

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is the worst I have ever encountered! Your call center in the Philippines sucks. The people there can't do anything to correct mistakes. I have been charged for 6 months for movie channels I told them when I signed up that I didn't want, but they added and I have been charged for. I keep calling to get this resolved to no avail. These channels keep mysteriously appearing and I keep getting charged for. THis needs to be rectified immediately!

Posted by Anonymous

So sorry we ever switched from Cox. Now we are stuck in this contract for another year. Almost ever month the price goes up. The Customer service is terrible. I was on hold for 15 minutes, I wanted to take off Showtime and she told me we didn't have Showtime. I told her I did not want it and did not want to be charged for it... she didn't have a clue. Going back to Cox first chance we get.

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