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Posted by Anonymous

I am a mexican citizen I am planing to fly out of Harlingen Tx. the week of Oct 26, 2015. Wondering if I will need the mexican passport to fly out of Harlingen Tx. currently my mexican passport is expired and due to the mexican passport system changes, I was not able to renew my passpaport on time. I will cross the border by car, get my traveling visa and the drive to harlingen to fly to Detroit metro Airpot to attend a meetings and training of my job. I work for Geneal Motors de mexico Complejo automotriz Ramos Arizpe en Ramos Arizpe Coahuila Mexico.

Posted by Anonymous

Can I bring a plastic crochet hook on the plane to occupy my time on a long flight, whats the size limits on a carry on, my husband and I both have metal knees what do we have to do to pass thru security

Posted by J Kelly California

I am beyond frustrated! I started this journey 4 months ago trying to redeem a paper voucher that needs to be used up by Dec. 11th 2012. After hours of talking to incompetent people on the customer service line and punching in the numbers on the voucher into the "redeem voucher" section that in turn sent me a digital voucher for the wrong amount, I was connected to someone who told me to send in the voucher to the TX office.

In a matter of days a wonderful woman by the name of Carla Appelton-Roawls left me a voice mail saying all is corrected, my voucher date has been extended and I am getting more back than I originally thought. I was happy and surprised by this. I tried calling her back on the number that showed up on my phone to thank her, but the number did not go through. Non-the-less, I was happy about the news.

Well it is now 6 weeks later and nothing has arrived in the mail or email??? I finally called the hellish 1-800# again tonight to do a follow up on the voucher and got an incompetent person on the phone who is now saying the voucher has been spent and is no longer valid!!!!!!


I am going to send another letter to Ms. Roawls tomorrow to inquire about this.

I am slowly running out of fight. I am trying to get to Hawaii to pay respect to my birth father whom I have never met who is a war vet and is buried in Punch Bowl.

If it is true, that the voucher has been spent, someone will be paying dearly for this in the karma department for sure.

Posted by Et 4 Him

I paid for round trip ticket to Quito Ecuador for a mission trip. I was robbed and in my bag was my medication. We were 5 hours from Quito. I had to make an emergency trip home to get my medication I was advised to purchace a one way ticket home as it was cheeper ... paying almost the same amount as the round trip.! I was told I would receive a portion 1/2 minus 150 service charge to use in the future. NO Restrictions were mentioned. Now I am trying to succure a ticket to a mission trip to Peru and was told that I could only us it in the continal US domestic flights and it is now 186.50 and possibly only a one way ! To where?!!!!
I need the money for this trip. I also did the refund policy to get help for the emergency trip home and filled out all the paper work and ot of 1250.00. Got 40. Yes $40 refund!!! This is not a way to treat your customers. I have only flown continental! I only fly for mission trips to help others!!! Would be nice if you could help me.

Posted by Anonymous

Because I had a medical problem I was forced to cancel my trip to New York, Using my mileage to travel was something that wqs still good until I notified CO of my cancelation. The rule seems to be another way of making money along with all the other scams eg.aisle/ window seats pillows etc. I was going to be charged $300 to replace my mileage until my health allowed me to travel again. What a great compensation for having accumulated afew 100,000 miles and then you have a new rule to scam the customer again. I do not have to fly with United/CO and do not fly much anymore but I can be verbal about the services. You are already making money off the extras.(73 yr old frequent flyer.)

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