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Chilli's is a national chain of casual dining restaurants based on Tex-Mex style of cuisine. Chilli's features southwest decor and is originally from the Dallas, Texas area. Customer service is offered through a national toll free number and a robust help page.

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

We live in Fairmont WV we go to your restaurant in Morgantown WV and we have always had good food however last evening May,16 2017 I ordered the guacamole burger as I have before. I ate some of it and then realized the middle was raw. We found out waitress and she took it back and they replaced it. I was up all night throwing up and diarrhea and still have today. I have never felt so bad. You need to instruct you cooks to check to be sure the food is done. I will never order a burger there again it will be a while before I can eat there again. The waitress apologized but no manager came to the table and we were not offered a discount very disappointed since I ran a restaurant in Fairmont for years and we appreciate our customers. Just thought someone should know. I tipped the waitress 20% due to the fact she didn't cook it. She did her job. Maybe you have so much business that you don't care but I believe that is a sad way to look at things.

Posted by Terry

Went to Chili's in Wilson NC for lunch today. MOTHER'S DAY. Was with 11 other people. Time was 11:30 am. 2nd person to order tried to order broccoli was was told they were out of broccoli. Not more than 2 minutes later we saw others receive broccoli on plates. Waited and saw others with broccoli. I asked waitress who had been rude during time we were there what was up with others getting broccoli. In a very rude tone of voice she said I didn't know we had broccoli back in. No one told me. We've been out for about a month." If she knew after waiting our table and the person who wanted broccoli hadnt ordered lunch due to no broccoli, shouldn't she have returned and informed her she made a mistake and asked if she wanted to order? We couldnt believe the attitude this waitress had.

Posted by Kathleen

Mothers Day-Menomonee Falls WI You owe us a couple coupons.We ordered chicken enchiladas + they came covered with sour cream sauce and a block of cheese. Before we could OPT for the verde sauce. It was inedible, had to pull chicken out of this drippy tunnel. Bring back the VERDE SAUCE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

We ate in your Chilli's at 2222 West Northwest HighWay in Dallas on May 12th. My associates and I eat out every Friday for the past 10 years. All I can say this was the worst meals we have every eaten. To begin with, the silverware was dirty. The chili was cold. When it was returned it was like a soup not like chili is suppose to be. The chicken sandwich was cold and it was not fully cooked. Never returning.

Posted by Anonymous

I have eaten at Chilis for many years and loved it, but this last time made me think otherwise. It was the location. The food was TERRIBLE. I have always loved the chicken crispers, but these were RUBBERY, SMALL and tasted terrible. The manager even offered to recook some more, and they were still disgusting. I hope this is not what the food is now. I will be saddened.

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Chili's customer service news

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Veteran in dispute with Chili's over Veteran's Day meal incident

CEDAR HILL, Texas – Attorneys are hoping to resolve a dispute between a local veteran and the restaurant he says humiliated him during what was supposed to be a Veterans Day tribute. Ernest Walker and his attorney met with reporters at the Cedar Hill...

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