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Chilli's is a national chain of casual dining restaurants based on Tex-Mex style of cuisine. Chilli's features southwest decor and is originally from the Dallas, Texas area. Customer service is offered through a national toll free number and a robust help page.

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User Reviews

Posted by Joyce

We went to the Chili's in Aberdeen/Southern Pines last night, 4/09/18. When we were seated, the booth was nasty, food and crumbs in the seat. Hostess never said a word. I was going to overlook that, but when I opened my menu, it was so sticky with food, that I had to pull it apart. Then we looked at the floor, from the hostess stand to our booth, and it was filthy. Food and trash had not been swept in awhile. We left, and 2 hostess were standing at booth and said nothing! The restaurant even smelled dirty. Unbelievable!

Posted by Anonymous

The previous business failed because it had the same ideals. The wife and I arrived at your restaurant a few minutes ago and left shortly thereafter when I asked for the manager. We were told that there was a 15 minute wait. Yet there were about 75% tables available to be seated. It didn’t make sense. There were probably 4 sets of customers waiting. So I told her, you don’t treat your customers this way, you seat them down and surely they know there is a wait. But when you tell them there is a waiting period when there are tables available in plain sight, it’s almost as if you’re lying to them. I wouldn’t treat my customers like that. They are first class and should treated as such. We walked out and went next door to your competitor. Sorry

Posted by Anonymous

My last two experiences at Chili's will be my last. The first time, my wait person saw me when I came in and took my drink order. Someone else brought my drink, my meal was delivered by another person and when I went to pay my meal, she told me I should use the kiosk on my table. I refused and she took my bill up begrudgingly. I left begrudgingly not leaving a tip.
Last night I thought that I would try again. I ordered the ribs as I usually get when I go out. The menu said 1/2 slab. When the meal was delivered, there were four bones. I confronted my wait person and he said that is 1/2 slab. I'm 70 years old and never, never in my life did I get 4 bones considered. He said it goes by weight and not bones. What kind of crap are you guys pulling. I WILL never eat at Chili's again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today, 12/11/2017 at 12:30 pm my husband and I stopped at Chili's on Taylor Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23321. There was a total of 6 vehicles in the parking lot, and they were not overwhelmed or busy. It took the over 15 minutes to get a waitress to stop at our booth, at which time we ordered our drinks (2 ice teas) and two lunch fajita with loaded potato soup. Drinks arrive 10 minutes later, then the fajitas arrive warm not sizzling, at which time I had to ask for plates, and the soup, which still had not been served. Plates arrive, but still no soup, and I ask about the soup again. Soup arrives so cold even the cheese would not melt, and I am spitting out the chicken, which was like rubber. Waitress offers to remake. Remade fajita arrives sizzling and looks juicy, but no condiments. I had to ask again for new condiments of sour cream, cheese, and pico, which arrives by the time the fajita have stopped sizzling. Service was deplorable, and the food was awful. Don't think we will be visiting anytime soon. You need better staff that can provide timely service and serve a quality product, which is seriously lacking at this franchise #947 in Chesapeake, VA.

Posted by Anonymous

You need to get professional and management at your Alexandria, Louisiana restaurant. No one knows what your specs are. Dirty, nasty, BAD FOOD. Necessary items to service customers are not Available. No team work, managers loudy disrespect workers in front of customers. No service from managers. Everyone is just standing around doing nothing. Old food in refrigerators, refrigerators are so nasty. Under setup there is Maggots on floor there is Maggots! Tile floor is lifting up due to water under it. no prep done, no cleaning supplies for kitchen, fire hazard in kitchen due to grease not being cleaned, air vent for cooking is clogged. You have have food inspectors in and they don’t do their job either. Managers don’t help team when needed, if only one person is on the line how do you expect customers to get their food. UNDERCOVER BOSS NEEDED ASAP!!!!! NO ONE IS TRAINED CORRECTLY OR EVEN KNOWS YOUR SPECS IN THE BOOK!!

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