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Charter is an American cable television provider. Charter has nearly 6 million customers and serves mainly the Midwest portion of the United States. Charter's customer service includes toll free numbers and they encourage walk-in support to their retail locations.

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User Reviews

Posted by tnmom52

I am really upset I draw disability paid the first of every month I ask that my bill be due then Noone would help me. Was in the hospital for a week and lost my husband last month. I scraped together $182. Still owed $45 and I was cut off. Guess I need to find other provider.

Posted by Anonymous

Would I be able to get 2 routers for the same plan?

Posted by Anonymous

My husband came home from up north, three of our 4 TV's are not working. he called Tech Support and when he could not find the on/off button immediately on the TV (why should he, when we always used the control device)the support guy HUNG UP on my husband. I consider that to be extremely bad, poor customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

My donna mcbroom i live in cookeville tn.i have tryed since june to get my billing fixed i live in an apt complex that they payed the cable so when they debunked in june i tryed to get my account fixed i have called 6 times and got 6 different answered went to the cable office 5 times still no help i got a letter from charter saying that the rental company was paying up till 8/22/16 but the huge bills keeped coming so when i got the bill for 213.00 i called again some man told me he didnt know why i got a letter from charter but the bill is urs so i had it turned off so charter didnt even honor there own letter that is sad since then i have been called 2 letters a guy knocking on my.door wanting the equipment all in a matter of 2 weeks wish charter was a concerned before anyway i am happy u guys treated me in such a way made me look into other options so went bought a tv with roku it is freaking awesome dont have to have channels i dont want so i am telling all my friends about it and get there wifi through frontier so with all the new technology coming out that will eliminate the need for u maybe u should treat ur customers better.

Posted by Leo

Is it just me or do all your customers have to deal with the loss of reception for 5 to 7 minutes when they change the channel. This happens to me 5,6,7 times a day, usually at the most inopportune time. My favorite was during last year's ncaa title football game when we lost reception for the last 3 minutes of the game. The 20 guests I had over to my house were really impresses. We lost reception 4 times during the game, but missing the end was just icing on the cake. Please tell me, why am I paying you for a months worth of service when my TV is constantly telling me "one moment please, this channel should be available shortly." I am tired of waiting for my reception to come back while I stare at a blank screen. That is NOT what I am paying for. My family has been with Charter for years and I've had it with this issue. It will be addressed by someone in management or I will have a new cable company by next week. As we speak it just happened again, that's twice since I started this comment. Enough is enough. The ball is in your court Charter management.

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