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CenturyLink is a regional telephone and internet service provider. CenturyLink is one of the top three largest communications companies in the United States. CenturyLink provides many options for customer service such as phone, email and chat support.

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      Keep pressing # until their system gives up (took me 5 times)
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

Centurylink Is The Absolute Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With. All That I Was Trying To Do Is To Get A Line Trench In To My New Construction House And I Was Bounced Around 9 Different Locations, Usually To People With Such Thick Accents That They Couldn't Be Understood By Anyone In Our Household. They Didn't Understand The Issue And When We Asked For A Supervisor We Were Diconnect On Three Occassions. Once We Got Someone Who Could Understand/and Be Understood They Apologize After They Tried To Contact Several Locations To Provide Help And Got The Same Results As We Were Getting. This Company Should Be Shutdown!!!!!! All The People Wanted To Do Was Sell Us A Bundling Package...which Is Pretty Hard To Do If You Can't Even Get Them To Bring The Telephone Wire To Your House From The Road.

Posted by Anonymous

We have had problems with our internet speed for approx. one year (following work that century link crews did in our area) Century Link tech support has given every excuse in the book why our service is alright. Approx. one week ago a telephone support person advised that they showed us having several errors on our line and a field tech was scheduled to arrive. When the tech arrived (10/18/16) he also verified tht there were isues on our line and would be back the next day to work on these. On 10/19/16 the tech returned but now he started baslming our band width usage as the problem (never mentioned the errors that two people found) and that we could have had the performance that we'd had prior to this work being done.

The tech even had a laptop trying to show the band width usage. The repair ticket was closed but the tech also said that we were at the end of the distance for good service but he was going to try something else and bring one of century link's modems out to try (even though I had installed a new modem on 10/12/16 which was compatible with century link service). I advised that I wasn't going to pay a monthly fee on a modem at which time he advised that he would just give it to me to use.

REMEMBER - we're talking about a CENTURY LINK tech? This field tech kept telling me that MediaCom was a better service provider than Century Link and that's who he had. He was actually promoting MediaCom to me.

What's with this? You can't get the job done right so you try and push a customer away that's been with you for over 10 to 15 years instead of trying to fix the problem?

I'm appalled at the service we are now getting but are still expected to pay our bill on time or our service is shut down.

Some NEEDS to explain this to me as a consumer.

Posted by Greg

Just passed a Centurylink truck on Sheridan in Denver.
The driver is going 35 mph with both thumbs fully engaged with his smartphone.
This is dangerous and has to stop

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not a customer HOWEVER being cutoff in a parking lot because the drivers pants were on fire is ridiculous.. Pennsylvania... In a park lot on Carlisle Pikeat 1015 this morning...learn to drive buddy my kids were In the can you cut off...

Posted by Rayne

I'm going into my 2nd month of trying to get internet service at my location in Springer,NM. I was given a date when the Technician would be out and he was on time to hook up my service, BUT he informed me a Digging was going to be needed and a New Line would need to be laid down since the existing lines where so old. OK NP, so I had thought, he told me it would be approx. 2 weeks for that to be able to be done. OK 2 weeks later I call to see if there'd any new information to when this "Dig for the line" might be getting done,?..... Told it was going to be yet another 2weeks as this was something that is contracted out to a contractor and NOT done by the technician. I was given the phone number of whom I would need to talk to on that being done, and that person in turn gave me a number to yet another that would be the one actually doing the dig. In the conversations with those persons I was given yet another time frame of 2 weeks!!!!! OMFG!!! So now here it is 1 month and almost 3 weeks later from my original call to have service hook up for just INTERNET!!!! Yesterday I once again made a call to see if I might be able to be given an answer to my wait and if I'm might have an actual date of things being done!!! Ughhhhh.... The woman that spoke AT ME as she didn't care to hear what I might have to say, was very RUDE!!! And once again pushed off a phone number to me to call the contractor! I tried to ask her why it was that,I was having to call these people? Why it wasn't there job to find out what the issue was as to WHY they hadn't been out and taken care of a matter that they are contracted for so that their pending customer might have their services up and going?!? Only to be told I needed to make the call which I did and once again to be told by the contractor he'd look into it and give me a call back......yeahhh right that has yet to happen.... Now I haven't yelled nor raised my voice as of yet but I am just about to that point. I'm beginning to think I'm just gonna have to go out and dig this damn hole myself!!! Pretty damn sad. I am limited to options of service providers due to where I live so this pretty much sucks!!! If I had another place to turn to I sure would at this point in time.

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Customers who want a refund for days without service must contact CenturyLink's customer service department at centurylink.com or 800-423-8994 or 877-837-5738 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Those affected by the outage included the...

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