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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH BESTBUY. I bought a new washer/dryer stack type. First one was damaged. then you changed to a GE. the men that came did not remove the shipping rod. They also marked up my door. they left and never started the machine. I know have GE coming to repair the dryer. I will not go back to BestBuy.
Mr. Pierce

Posted by Allison

Best Buy in Watertown, Mass., isn't merely a bad store; it's a horrendously awful one. If you have the leisure time to physically go there anytime you have a problem or question, you are likely to find the sales crew friendly and attentive. But you will seldom if ever reach anyone on the phone. Management has made the spectacularly stupid decision to divert its calls to a "Call Center," which is located in a completely different town. "Call Center" will then go through the motions of "transferring" you to the Watertown store, where you will listen to the phone ring indefinitely, only to be picked up, eventually, by none other than the same "Call Center"! If you complain about this colossally aggravating runaround, you'll hear that store staff are "frustrated" by the phone system as well. Yet nothing ever changes. If you do encounter the fluke of someone actually picking up the phone at the Watertown store, you will get disconnected the first time they put you on hold and/or told that someone you've requested to speak with will "call you back" -- but that won't happen either. It's a profound mystery how this store is able to remain open and actually sell anything, since its customer "service" rivals Dante's Nine Circles of Hell.

Posted by PIERRE0724

I Tried Calling Best Buy Geeksquad About A Webroot Secure Anywhere Product That Doesn't Seem To Be Working. The Agent Was Less Than Useless, She Kept Taking Coffee Breaks Between Answers And I Finally Gave Up. I Will Return The Product For A Refund And Find Someone Else That Can Help Support The Product They Sell!

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely the worst buying experience of my life. Ordered TV on 11/10/16 for delivery on 11/23/16. Called the night before to confirm delivery. Today no TV delivery, seems they forgot to call me and tell me mount not available. Would have ordered different mount if they had made me aware. To make this right they said will deliver 120316, how does that make it right.

Posted by JAKERS2011

I love Best Buy but it's customer service for the phone is absolutely horrendous. I just got off the phone after being on hold for one hour (it said I was the next one in line) and then I got hung up on. Last time I had to call Best Buy I was on hold for over 45 minutes that is just unacceptable.

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