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    • Keep pressing "#" until their system gives up. Took me three times.
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to speak to a human being re my account.

Is there anyone who actually speaks to customers there or do you just continue to charge outrageous fees. I'm trying to pay something before I take bankruptcy

Posted by Anonymous

I work around magnets,my barclaycard got demagnetized and I needed a new card.I called the number on the back of the card and was not able to speak to a live person.Finally found a site
that showed you how to get to someone.My other cards were no problem.Barclay should make
it easier for customers to speak to representatives.

Posted by D Whiteman

I just received a letter in the mail stating that after being a customer in good standing since 2005, my account was CLOSED due to lack of activity. I never received a letter asking if I wished to close the account. It was just closed without my consent. Once I called in, several managers stated that the account could not be re-opened and that I would have to re-apply. It is unthinkable that a company can just close your account especially when there have not been any issues with it. I kept that card because I had a large credit limit and never knew when I would need to use it.

Posted by Anonymous

there customer service SUCKS!!! been trying for an hour to get a live person you can never get a live person to talk they must only have one person working... with gess i will go with another card.


Worst Customer Service In The World.i Believe I Was Discriminated Against, They Did Not Like That I Asked One Question.
Blocked My Account Numerous Times. Treated Me Like A Criminal, asked For Information Regarding My Wife Which She Is Not On My Account And Her Mothers Maiden Name In Violation Of The Fair Credit Card Act. When I Refused. They Said I Had To Mail Original Documents Including Drivers License, Not Faxed. I Am Not Making This Up. The Only Way To Unblock My Account Was To Go To My Bank Pnc And Ask For A Cash Advance, Even Though I Specifically Told Them I Do Not Want One. On Top Of That The Credit Card Is Inactive, To Say The Least The Most Embarrassing Experience Of My Life, Hospitalized From Extreme Emotional Stress Chest, head And Face Pain

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