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Asurion is a service company providing insurance for electronic devices such as mobile phone, tablets and appliances. Asurion also offers an extended warranty program for electronic devices. Asurion has a popular frequently asked questions web page for customer support as well as phone and an online support form.

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User Reviews

Posted by Terll18

Absolutely the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with. They will not call you back. They send e mails requesting information they never gave you. They re- Send the same e mails with no real response. It took me three weeks to get someone to our home last month and now, four weeks later, we are having the same issue. It has now been eleven days since I started with the Home Depot and asurion for my Appliance to get repaired again. I told THD to disassociate itself from such an incompetent repair company. Totally useless. FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been waiting for 4 months for Assyrian to reimburse me for a phone I returned to them. I think Social security will kick in before they pay me back. I've heard every excuse known to mankind. Tired of waiting. Rip off company.

Posted by Frustrated

These people intend to cheat you. First I call in a claim and I didn't know the model of the phone. It turns out it was an Apple IPhone 6 Plus, not a model 6s. I get the affidavit with the model number and verification info. I give them my drivers license. I submit the claim. No response in 3 hours like they promise. I check online after 20 hours and it says my the phone I sent the info online about did not belong to me. I revibtacted the. And they said because the model number we originally guessed on did not match the actual model that we had to start a brand new claim. So I submitted everything again. No response. It has now been 24 hours. The CFPB should look into Asurion's deceptive practices. Or if any class action attorney is reading these posts, I am happy to cooperative. Asurion has procedures designed to cheat people.


I was told by Asurion that once my defective phone was scanned at UPS drop off within 72 hours
I would recieve a gift card from Walmart for new phone. Today I called and they said they received the phone but was put on hold to verify that I sent the correct item back and it would be another 5 business days before I would receive a gift card. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was useless and made the statement that he could not over the computer.
I called the corporate office but no one has returned my call. Asurion is a very poor excuse
for customer service. You buy a phone and pay for the insurance but then get the run around when you have to use the insurance.

Posted by Anonymous

My computer was sent to you to be repaired. Slow progrmas when on the internet. Claim #9766479. It was an HP All-in-one purchased from Office Depot in Conyers.
I am not real clear what you did. But it is exactly the same as when I sent it in. The problem was not fixed. The only difference I can see is that it was took back to Windows 8 and is nolonger eligible for the free windows 10 upgrade. That was on it when it was shipped. Some of my programs were still loaded, some were not. I just bought me a new computer, since this one aparently can not be fixed.

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