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Asurion is a service company providing insurance for electronic devices such as mobile phone, tablets and appliances. Asurion also offers an extended warranty program for electronic devices. Asurion has a popular frequently asked questions web page for customer support as well as phone and an online support form.

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User Reviews

Posted by StaciHi

Contacted Asurion to replace phone when I severely damaged it during a move. Damaged the housing cracked screen glass falling out of the corners of my phone . Cut my hand on the glass and scratched my face. After 11+ yrs of paying for full coverage insurance they don't have my model, Samsung Note 8, in stock it'll be a week or so to replace it their not sure when it will be they'll let me know...huh? Ok then upgrade me to the next device, no we don't do that. We can give you an S8. So you want to downgrade my phone and with something that doesnt even have the same features. No sorry thats unacceptable. Sorry to bad then.... Sounds like I need an attorney. If my grandkids cut themselves on this device, obviously I'll try to keep them from the phone but I don't always see them grab it, I don't usually have to guard it, there will be an attorney involved for sure.

Posted by Bradley

A Representative employ..Name Claire gave me the best phone experience I have had in a long time,after being on the phone almost a total of 4 hours with others trying to get help with my mom P.C Claire got us good in 30 minutes and she was a pleasure and very patient with us..Claire's a STAR

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot begin to express how frustrated and disappointed I am with the service and support I have received, or not received, from Home Depot and Asurion to repair our Samsung Dishwasher. We purchased the dishwasher in November of 2014 and have had issues from the beginning. Multiple service calls and complaints have only resulted in more service callsâ¦and none of them have resolved the problem. We have not been able to use our dishwasher for almost 3 months now, and the technician came today and was again unable to repair it. I want this dishwasher replaced. We purchased a 5 year extended warrantyâ¦and 3 years after our purchase it is still not working.

Posted by mike

asurion insurance.
I didn't think it went through. me bad

Posted by Sabrina M

I recently left a review concerning my bad experience with Asurion representatives however I have to tell you all. They're not committing theft at all. I contacted the corporate offices via email. I was responded to by one of their higher up customer service professionals. I was assured that I was being asked for an affidavit and ID because of precautionary measures that the company has to take to deter fraudulent claims. It absolutely made more sense than what was originally told to me by an unprofessional associate who just hung up on me when questioned about it. I was also insured that there will be a full investigation about representatives hanging up on customers. Whether accidentally or purposely is the focus. This company is absolutely very dedicated to helping their customers. Nevertheless,they have to be notified of issues or they're unable to handle them. My advice to everyone out there who uses Asurion stay persistent and make sure you're in contact with the right people otherwise you will feel like I did about this company for a long time. So I apologize to you all for my swift and uncalled for lashing out on this company on my previous review and please except my sincere apologies.They resolved my issues, responded to my concerns and addressed them. So I give them 10 stars for superb customer satisfaction. I'm a woman of integrity and by no means did this company ask me to repost my review. Reviews are ours not the company's in which we post about and it's only right for me to give them the credit they deserve for handling my concern. I just wanted to share this with all of you. Always speak your opinion and if you are in error let it be known. Life happens to all of us, it's what we do that matters. Happy New Year's everyone.

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