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Arby's is a quick sandwich chain owned by Roark Capital group. They have over 3,000 sandwich stores around the world. Arby's is famous for their thin-sliced roast beef products. Arby's offers customer service via a toll free number and an online form.

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    • Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5pm ET
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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I’m asking your company to help stop hate, this is a great country we all have the right do as we please, but when you have someone that adds to hateful and disrespectful comments
Such as Laura Ingram’s program enough is enough, attacking a young man that has been through so much trauma is enough, I’m asking you as a long standing customer to stop sponsoring
Hate, thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Laura Ingraham Fox News

I’ve been a consumer of Arbys for many a year and wish to continue once a statement is released stating the company no longer supports Laura I. It’s unfathomable that anyone would make such an insensitive comment about Parkland student, David Hogg and of all things, his GPA!!!!!!! And BTW, a 4.1 GPA is quite impressive.
Thank you
J. Leyva
Retired School Principal

Posted by Anonymous

I had visited a location on Bell. To have two of the three sandwiches made incorrectly for the second time.
Had already made a formal complaint. Since it was the second time at a different location. That my order had been missed.
To receive at;
3323 East Charter Oak Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85032 - a piece of paper stating an apology & that there was two free sandwich coupons for Arby’s included. There were not any coupons included.!
So sending this to be Informative; that the coupons weren’t included as stated.

Posted by Anonymous

our family experience today at the Bethel Park PA store on Route 88/Library Road was absolutely the worst!!! - first the doors were locked and guests could not get in, the drive thru was around the building. There were people inside, so I went to the other side of the building and one of the guests who was already inside opened the door, I walked from one side of the unit to the other to let the rest of our family in. We have a ritual of eating lunch as a family group after church every Sunday (typically 16 people) the manager on duty (Clarissa) walked from the cooking area yelling "the dining room is closed, there is a sign on the door" and basically telling us we all had to leave and standing holding the door open until we did. On the way out the door I inquired if Arby's locations were franchise or corporate to which she replied "no, we are corporate and I wish you would contact them, My name is Clarissa and I'm the manager, please do call!" I told her she could contact corporate herself to resolve her own problems whatever they were - she was extremely rude and abrupt -

Posted by Scott

Came home missing some of are order called the Nashua By store very rude unless we came back tonight nothing they could problem was we are 12miles away,what disappointment.

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