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ALDI is a major supermarket chain whose business model is discount pricing. ALDI is a German company. ALDI provides customer service by phone, email, FAQs and a physical mailing address.

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User Reviews

Posted by Anonymous

I enjoyed shopping at Aldi 74 until today; I returned Aldi items w/o a receipt; wind took receipts out of my hands in 45 mph wind... there is NO SIGNAGE stating "NO REFUND w/o Receipt" I mentioned this not POSTED & must be sanctioned by law: I cofounded Sevananda in Atlanta, GA precursor to Whole Foods Fresh Thyme Sprouts...all stores in 1975...& I shop astutely as I cook fr scratch & have preferences; I also had cancer & cant use some products thus I returned UNOPENED; then person in store mgr did not offer resolution & did not pay me & a customer offered me $10...for the food & took what they did not really want; I offered to donate to pantry; all people in line felt sad, frustrated 4 my being dishonored by Aldi; for $9 product Aldi lost $90 business today. this is unacceptable; no one trying their best out to be denied, especialy single female; had I had a man w/me this would not have occurred.

Posted by Jackie

I go to this store every week and buy anywhere from 10-50 yogurts and spend $100-$300 in food.. I attached my receipt from today showing that I purchased 10 yogurts, I only got 10 due to the store not having the flavor I wanted. And now I'm happy that I didn't get any more than 10. Here is the problem as I was checking out the cashier lady told me that I have to separate all the yogurts by flavor so the store knows the inventory, then she also told me that I have to not only separate the yogurts by flavor but by the brand also.. Not to mention that there was a line behind me and the people were starting to get impatient behind me in line as I'm trying to separate all of my groceries. As a paying customer I should not have to separate my groceries so the store can do their inventory, I do not work there and as a customer I am not responsible for the stores inventory. It is stressful enough going food shopping with both of my kids crying and yelling in line and now I have to work to separate all of my groceries by flavor and brand. Even the people behind me in line had something to say about this "They said are you serious to the cashier lady, this woman has two babies with her and trying to food shop and now she has to go through all of her groceries so the store can do their inventory. I am very upset as a paying customer that I am responsible for the stores inventory, I don't work there and have to separate all of my groceries.. This should be a responsibility for an employee not a paying customer.. I like shopping at your store, I food shop there every week but after this I am no longer going to shop at your store. Once again I am a paying customer and should not have to separate all my groceries by flavor and brand, Like I said above I'm happy that I was just picking up a few things and did not have a large food list. That took me an extra 4mins to separate all of my groceries can't image if I had a larger order.. I walked around the store trying to find a letter or poster stating that the customer is responsible for the stores inventory and has to separate all their groceries by flavor and brand well I came up empty handed, I found no letter in or outside of the store stating that. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased several produce items without PLU labels
Can they be GMO?

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the aldiat 2296 Morse rd Columbus Ohio 43224. I was treated really bad by the woman at the register. My receipt says her name is Lanice. First the guy behind me in line starts puts his stuff right on top of mine and she starts to ring it up all together. Then she takes my stuff off and helps him before me. Then I try to pay her and I put some change down in the area where you pay and it falls in a crack where the cash part of the register is. So she tells me my money is gone I'm out of luck and keeps acting like I should have known not to put it there IN THE AREA WHERE YOU PAY! So she just tells me it's gone she's not trying to find it. So I pay for my stuff with no credit for that money. I was 10 cents short because she refused to even attempt to find the like $2 in change. She acted like I was so terrible for being 10 cents short when I really overpaid by $2. She was really nasty to me. Her attitude was terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased at the Lisle, IL store the 5 ounce container of arugula many times and have been very satisfied. This past week the only available arugula was in a container labeled Baby Spinach and Arugala Mix. Bar code 041498 25440 7. I purchased this although it was not what I wanted. While serving it into 3 salad bowls, I observed that the package contained exactly 2 Arugala leaves while the rest was spinach. I will not be purchasing this product again because it is falsely advertised for the product and spinach only containers and packages are less expensive in general.

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